Weddings - Keef Williams Photography
Hand in Hand


The Pursuit of Happiness

Your first kiss, your first date!

Those moments you wish could last forever, those feelings you have for one another, the little moments which make up your life together.

It’s your love story! Your big day approaches! Your wish is to capture these special moments and many, many others and somehow find a way to make them last forever.

Through my pictures, I will capture all of those special little moments that you’ll experience during your big day. This beautiful day in both of your lives, a day which you will want to look back on; to relive the emotion, the intimacy, the love and romance.

My visual story-telling will take you on a journey in which you will experience your wedding day afresh. Memories for you both; the feelings, this touch, that kiss, the scents, the laughter, the joy. All those little things which together make the day when you said “I do!” the happiest day of your life.

These moments that would otherwise be lost forever.

Your story deserves to be eternal!

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